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Connecting Personalized Professional Learning to a Bigger Purpose – The Principal of Change – Education Article

I received this question and image from David Voves today regarding a passage from “The Innovator’s Mindset“: “Reading today and with personalized pd, I always question what I have in orange. Wondering if you could give me insight?” “Personalized Learning” for educators is something that is gaining more traction in education, and rightfully so.  If you want someone to be innovative in an area, they are more likely to bring and create powerful ideas in something they are passionate about…

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5 Reasons to Try Genius Hour Before the End of the School Year – A.J. JULIANI – Education Article

If you haven’t heard of Genius Hour or 20% time in the classroom, the premise is simple: Give your students 20% of their class time (or an hour each week) to learn what they want. These projects allow students to choose the content and still acquire/master skills and hit academic standards. I’ve written extensively about Genius Hour and 20% Time, but wanted to share a list of the 5 reasons you should consider Genius Hour in your classroom (for those of you on the fence) before…

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What Should Be the Teacher’s Role During Project-Based Learning? – A.J. JULIANI – Education Article

Teaching is not always easy. And learning can be a struggle for many of our students. As educators, we are called to this back and forth process of teaching and learning. We push and challenge, and then support and guide. It’s easy to get lost in the grind. It’s why so many teachers get burnt out, and why so many students complain about school. However, if we think about each school year as a journey — one that will…

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