2019 gem report

Sazhida runs a kindergarten for pastoralist children in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan during the summer – Education Article

This content comes from our newly released interactive youth version of the 2019 GEM Report, presented today at the UN Youth Forum in New York. Jailoo kindergartens provide education for the children of pastoralist families who move to mountain pastures (jailoo) in the summer to fatten their livestock for the winter. The kindergartens ensure that children do not fall behind in their studies while their families are on the move. Lessons are designed to match the lifestyle of the children…

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Displaced children with disabilities face overlapping barriers – Education Article

The 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report launched two weeks ago, focuses on migration and displacement. In discussing displaced people with disabilities, it begins with a premise established by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that having an impairment does not in itself create disability; rather, it’s society’s failure to accommodate and assist that ‘disables’. For refugee children living with a disability torn from their homes, the lack of assistance in their new environments is particularly stark. A…

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Providing education for migrants and refugees requires common action and shared responsibility – Education Article

The global relevance and timeliness of the 2019 GEM Report Migration, displacement and education: Building bridges, not walls was fully evident at this week’s Global Education Meeting in Brussels. Credit: UNESCO Brussels This is a key moment in the SDG 4 follow up and review calendar. Scheduled to take place every 3 to 4 years, the main purpose of this event was to rally the international community behind a set of consensus-based key messages to be advocated for in the…

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