Adaptive eLearning

How Adaptive Learning Revolutionizes Corporate Training – Education Article

Ways In Which Adaptive Learning Revolutionizes Corporate Training We live in an era of personalization. People like it when something is customized to suit their needs, it gives them a special feeling. Most educators are warming up to the fact that there can be no one-size-fits-all approach in learning, and especially so in eLearning. When talking about personalized eLearning, the one eLearning trend that stands tall above all others is, without a doubt, adaptive learning. Adaptive learning means creating customized…

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Discussing The Benefits And Challenges Of Adaptive Learning And Education Apps – Education Article

Adaptive Learning And Education Apps: Benefits And Challenges Adaptive learning works on a simple and yet equally important concept: the coursework should progress in coherence with a student’s learning capabilities. Imparting education through online media is a common practice now, and the introduction of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence has made a drastic transformation in the way a student can learn and develop. Adaptive learning proves to be a useful tool in eLearning because it focuses on learning the learner…

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