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Remittances well exceed aid as the most important external finance source for poor countries: let’s make the most of them – Education Article

Next month, the GEM Report will release the breakdown of global aid figures for education in its annual policy paper. But the signs do not look good. ‘Poorest countries bear the brunt as aid levels fall for second successive year’ and ‘New aid figures reveal ‘incredible lack of ambition‘ are some of the headlines reacting to the release of the total aid levels last week. On the back of this news, the World Bank analysed the figures from a remittances…

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Aid to pre-primary education: the gap between rhetoric and reality – Education Article

By Professor Pauline Rose, Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge Many donors increasingly voice their recognition of the importance of pre-primary education in their education policy, but few are matching their public statements of support with tangible investment. In the last two years, aid to pre-primary education has decreased by 27%, at a time when overall aid to education increased. This paints a stark contrast between donor rhetoric and reality. A new…

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Over $1.7 billion committed to education at the Global Citizenship Festival – Education Article

Significant strides were made to #FundEducation at the Global Citizen Festival Mandela 100’ this week, totaling just over US$ 1.7 billion. It is often said that 2019 is the year of education: SDG 4 is going to be reviewed for the first time at the High-level Political Forum, while major decisions are anticipated on the international education aid architecture. These prospects are creating a sense of momentum. This week, celebrating the centenary of Nelson Mandela, Global Citizen with the Mostepe…

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