alternative teacher certification

So You Want to Know More About Alternative Teacher Certification – Education Article

Alternative teacher certification in the United States has existed for a long time, but it has only recently taken a prominent place in the public discussion about how to get more qualified, certified teachers in our nation’s classrooms. Long considered to be a shady backdoor into the teaching profession, programs that offer alternative teacher certification have quickly surpassed universities in terms of flexibility and affordability, with classes online and tons of online resources to help with studying. Now it’s universities…

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How to Crowdfund Your Teacher Certification – Education Article

We hear it all the time- “I’d love to do this program, but I can’t afford it!” We hear you. The cost of getting a teaching certification (usually involving going back to school and paying thousands to get a degree, while taking time off from a paid job) is something few people can afford to do. Too much time, too much money. That’s where we come in. Designed by the Department of Education to bring teacher certification within reach of…

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Use Your Tax Refund to Start a New Career – Education Article

Tax return season is here, and the average tax refund is around $2,254, according to Business Insider. That amount more than covers the cost of choosing to become a certified educator through American Board’s program. The decision to invest one year’s tax refund can quickly change someone’s life, job satisfaction and career path. Teachers certified by the American Board can earn an average salary ranging from $41,814 in Mississippi to $62,994 in Pennsylvania, according to the National Education Association. Of approximately…

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