Workload: Are Teachers Just Too Greedy? – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is teaching a job with a consumption problem? Teachers are greedy. Well, more precisely, teaching is ‘greedy work’. We are all stuffed and yet consume more and more. We just can’t seem to stop. You might think this is unfair but I don’t know many lean teachers. They are all plump pedagogues gorging themselves stupid, taking on more tasks and doing more work. They all have an unhealthy Teaching Mass Index and that is threatening their…

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#1minCPD: Raising Aspirations | TeacherToolkit – Education Article

#1minCPD: Raising Aspirations | TeacherToolkit | UK Education Blog Reading Time: 1 minute Want to encourage your pupils to aim high? Although many young people have huge aspirations, there is often a still a deep disconnect between socially deprived pupils and aiming high. Here’s one way to raise aspirations for those who don’t seem… This is only a snippet…

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