Anchor Has Been Acquired by Spotify – Education Article

Anchor, one of the best new podcast creation tools to emerge in the last few years, has been acquired by Spotify. In an email sent to users and in this blog post Anchor’s founders announced the acquisition. According to Anchor’s announcement the acquisition by Spotify won’t change how you can use Anchor to record, edit, and publish podcasts through Anchor’s apps and browser tools. That is good news because Anchor provides one of the two best ways for students to…

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Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Education Article

We are continuing an almost weekly “Making Media Monday” series of workshops at our school, and today we focused on creating podcasting / radio shows. I recorded a 9 minute narrated slideshow version of the introduction I shared with our teachers today, and uploaded it to YouTube. The linked slides are also included below, along with our Google Doc of resources for all these “Making Media Monday” workshops. My BIG recommendation in this workshop is to use the app Anchor!…

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