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The surveillance of our youth | @mcleod – Education Article

Like many school districts, the Southeast Polk School District in Pleasant Hill, Iowa monitors the Web usage of its students on district-provided computers for inappropriate activity. And like some school districts, Southeast Polk also uses a monitoring service that sends weekly emails to parents summarizing their students’ Internet search history. This raises some difficult issues because we know that young people need space away from the heavy thumb of adults for healthy identity formation and the development of self.  Why do…

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It’s 2018, not 1918. Basic skills are not enough. | @mcleod – Education Article

Here is a quote from Kentucky Education Commissioner, Dr. Wayne Lewis (who is a friend of mine). The context is a statewide conversation about higher education standards for Kentucky high school graduates. On Tuesday, Lewis said the current system already penalizes students by not actually preparing them for success. “When we give them a diploma without ensuring that they have basic skills and they go to post-secondary education and they hit a brick wall – when they get into those…

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Be proud of your pockets of innovation. AND… | @mcleod – Education Article

Every school system has pockets of innovation. Those three forward-thinking teachers in the elementary school, that one grade-level team in the middle school, the department that’s really trying to do something different at the high school, that amazing principal over there, and so on. As school leaders we’re proud of – and point to – that cutting-edge work and rightfully so. But we also have to recognize that pockets of innovation mean that inequities exist. What if you’re a student…

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