Andrew Moorish

35 Things Great Headteachers Do – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is your headteacher a people person? Not all headteachers have their heads screwed on. But those that do, make their staff feel valued. They put relationships first and they get the most from everyone. We’ve all worked with different types of headteachers who adopt a range of leadership styles but there is one constant. Of all the leadership skills used in headship, communication is the most essential. Sir John Dunford, the former general secretary of ASCL, said…

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Who Are The Teachers In Your School? – Education Article

Reading Time: 4 minutes Does your language make or break your school? Schools are full of sticky labels and monikers. We simply love putting names to people and things, but some of these tags are derisory, damaging and divisive. What really gets ‘my goat’ is schools that make a big deal about being ‘inclusive’ yet they use language that creates divisions. Schools that have ‘top sets and bottom sets’ and ‘low and high achievers’ are guilty of creating academic apartheid.…

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