Reflecting on Education Post-911 America’s… – Education Article

Reflecting on Education Post-911 America’s teachers were among the first responders on September 11, instantly becoming students’ source of information and calm. In the years following the tragedy, multiple teachers have turned to Fund for Teachers for grants to develop strategies and resources that help students process what happened and also provide context for those not yet born when the planes flew into the World Trade Center. One such FFT Fellow is Julie Gallegos, teacher at Bret Harte Middle School…

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A Crusade of a Different Color On this day in in… – Education Article

A Crusade of a Different Color On this day in in 1095, Pope Urban II called all Christians in Europe to war against Muslims and regain the Holy Land, beginning the first of nine crusades. Two Chicago Public School teachers/Fund for Teachers Fellows have set out on a related, conciliatory quest rooted in culture. We share their student impact below… Sounds of clay drums filled the air as visitors strolled among stalls of Islamic art, stopping to have their names…

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