Connecting Across Cultures While Caring for the Planet – National Geographic Education Blog – Education Article

Mariano Zuk created an interdisciplinary unit for his kindergarten students with two main focuses: caring about the planet and collaborating with schools around the world. Among other hands-on projects, students created artwork, had a video call with an ocean expert, and co-created a story about Earth with classrooms around the world. Mariano Zuk is a kindergarten teacher at Singapore International School of Bangkok in Thailand. Mariano is originally from Argentina. Photo courtesy Mariano Zuk What inspired your project, and how…

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Should all art students learn to paint and draw? | Education

In a new paper, What Happened to the Art Schools?, the painter and art critic Jacob Willer claims that today’s fine art degrees do not offer the necessary teaching to produce exceptional artists. Painting and drawing have come to be seen as “no more than art’s old ceremonial vestments”, he writes. Willer, who visited art schools around the country, says that while the odd talented student stood out for him, the general standard was “depressingly low”. “I would encourage you…

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Time to Get Artsy – Education Article

Help us fill our walls! Calling all Artists and Visually Gifted folks: we need your help! Learners Edge has always been a fun place to work, and never before has that been more represented than in our new space (we moved at the end of October 2018). We have lots of natural light with colorful accents, complete with a ping pong table, Nerf guns, and currently, a Jenga set. We have couches and several other options of places to meet, work, collaborate,…

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