It’s Time to Add AI to Your Robotics Competition – Education Article

Most industrial robots are preprogrammed or remotely controlled. That’s starting to change with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). Some robots operate autonomously and learn to improve task efficiency. The same is true about elementary and secondary school robotics competitions—few involve real AI. Usually, the robots are teleoperated to perform a task like picking up objects and putting them in a bucket. The rules change each year but the scoring is the same—the most stuff in the bucket wins. The…

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Why Every High School Should Require an AI Course – Education Article

By: Tom Vander Ark and Kyle Barriger Shouldn’t young people know about the most important change force that will influence their lives and livelihoods? We think so. That’s why every high school should offer a course on artificial intelligence (AI). Or, better yet, incorporate a set of competencies into graduation requirements that ensure that every young person understands the technology drivers and the implications for the economy and society. The prevalence of AI has increased dramatically in the last few…

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