A Simple Switch at the College Board Could Mean More Equitable AP Exams – Education Article

The College Board will soon allow high school students to register for Advanced Placement (AP) exams in the fall, rather than having them wait until spring—just before the exams are held. It’s a simple, seemingly inconsequential change, but in both the small- and large-scale studies the nonprofit conducted in U.S. schools, the option to register in the fall led to more underrepresented and low-income students taking the AP exams. The idea came straight from educators. More than half of U.S.…

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Five Edtech Trends That Will Dominate 2019 – Education Article

The only constant is “change”! Edtech investments lately hit a historical new record of 9.5 billion. The market is flooded with new products. However, the exciting part of it is it develops at an even more rapid pace. That perhaps is one of the vital reasons contributing to the significant advancements in the learning space and how it has led to changes in the way teachers and students interact and how schools operate.Gamification is here to stay! Engaging students with…

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What a New College Board President Means for Students – Education Article

Change is afoot at the College Board. At first glance—and as of Thursday—the nonprofit is just reorganizing its leadership team: The president and chief executive, David Coleman, is now just CEO of the College Board, creating a vacancy so his chief operating officer, Jeremy Singer, can fill the position of president. But the shift at the top represents the first in a series of changes to come, Singer tells EdSurge. In his new position as president, Singer will have more…

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