Could You Volunteer As A Student Blogging Challenge Commenter? – The Edublogger – Education Article

Home > Could You Volunteer As A Student Blogging Challenge Commenter? The 22nd Student Blogging Challenge is set to begin on March 3! This is a way for students to learn about publishing online while connecting with others around the world. The challenge runs for 10 weeks every March and October. Read more about the Student Blogging Challenge here. Registrations for classes and students will open on February 10. Sign up for email updates if you haven’t already. Right now, we’re looking…

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How To Find An Authentic Audience For Your Students’ Work – The Edublogger – Education Article

Who saw all the work you produced when you were at school? For many of us, the work we created had a very limited audience. It may have only been seen by the teacher, or perhaps some classmates or family members (if it wasn’t left crumpled up in the bottom of the school bag!). Clearly, things have changed and it’s now possible for students to have a diverse audience for their work through platforms like blogs and digital portfolios. This…

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10 Ways To Instantly Make Your Blog Better! – The Edublogger – Education Article

Your blog might be full of inspiring ideas but are people reading your posts? Are they sticking around and returning when you publish new content? I have the pleasure of reading a lot of blogs as part of my role with Edublogs. I’m going to fill you in on a few easy tweaks that I believe can improve the reader experience and help you build a bigger audience. Regardless of whether you have a professional educator blog, student blog, or…

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