Supporting African American Youth – STORIES FROM SCHOOL AZ – Education Article

My initial purpose for this writing piece was to highlight the current academic status of African American youth in Arizona. Unfortunately, I was not able to locate current information about our academic demographics. I have requested this information from the Arizona Department of Education and will address it in a future blog. I did learn that there are annual reports on the academic status of Native American Indians in Arizona and it is relatively easy to locate similar information on…

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(Better) Partnering with Parents Around Reading – Education Article

January marks the second half of the school year and this time usually flies by quickly. My 1st graders are now demonstrating increased rigor, independence, and pride in academic growths. This has allowed me to have a more accurate assessment of where they are as scholars. More than half still need additional support in reading to help them reach their potential and prepare to transition to 2nd grade on level.  In addition to classroom instruction, the home support home is…

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