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Best BA Sociology Colleges in Mysore- Course Details, Eligibility, Scope & Opportunities – Education Article

Best BA Sociology colleges in Mysore BA Sociology in Mysore My students often ask me, ‘What is sociology?’ And I tell them, ‘It’s the study of the way in which human beings are shaped by things that they don’t see,’ said renowned sociologist Sam Richards Sociology can be a very confusing term as it is quite extensive when you try and figure out what it truly stands for. So what is the proper definition of Sociology? In layman’s terms, it…

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Best BA Psychology Colleges in Mysore – Education Article

Best BA Psychology Colleges in Mysore BA Psychology in Mysore We all know we have a tangible physical body. But, is that all there is? Of course not. We have a subtler body called “mind” aka psyche. Psychology is derived from two root words; ‘psyche’, meaning mind and ‘ology’, meaning a subject of study or a branch of knowledge. Now that we know the actual meaning of psychology, let’s try and understand why psychology matters at all. Like we have…

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