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GCSE Intervention Strategies [For Best Results] – Education Article

It’s that time of year again- the Christmas trees have been taken down, the pine needles have been swept up and the snow has all but disappeared. And, of course, Year 11 will be soon sitting their mock GCSE exams and every classroom teacher will be dreading the onslaught of marking that is teetering on the horizon. But what do you do when the mock results are in, and there is no trend, no discernible pattern? How do you focus your…

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Educational Goals: Fostering Learner Autonomy – Education Article

They arrive, all shiny-eyed and excited, pens and pencils in hand, willing and eager to dive into a new learning adventure. Then, a few weeks or months go by, and the shine wears off. Suddenly you don’t seem so exciting to them anymore, and lessons have become just another routine. What happened? Well, there could be several variables at play here, but let’s look at the one that can be most easily managed: defining a purpose for learning. Setting SMART…

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How Community Service Impacts Student Success – Education Article

School is about more than assignments and grades. One of the biggest pillars of a student’s education is about learning how to function in a community. Investing in and helping out that community can set them up for success beyond the classroom, too. The most enlightening and rewarding part of any student volunteer project is connecting with other members of the community. There are countless reasons why community service is important for student success. These are just a few: 1.…

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