‘It’s not about my school’: teacher’s TV drama depicts stress in class | Education

“ONOMATO PO E.I.A. BOOM!, ONOMATO PO E.I.A. BOOM!” bellows a teacher to a classroom of unimpressed teenagers. His enthusiasm for the written word is struggling to get much buy-in from the disengaged mass in front of him. This is the story of Shaun, a downtrodden English teacher who is eventually beaten by the system, as depicted in the TV drama Beaten, shown last week on BBC One (and now screening on BBC iPlayer) as part of a series compiled by…

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Time To Talk With Natasha Devon – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you speak up about mental health? February 7th is Time to Talk Day, an annual event spearheaded by magnificent stigma-squashing charity Time to Change. It’s a day to speak our minds and talk about mental health related issues, writes Natasha Devon, campaigner and writer. In the education world we are way ahead of the curve when it comes to thinking progressively and compassionately about mental health. Indeed, as someone who has one foot in education…

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Manchester led the way with a four-day working week | Letters | Money

It’s good to see that the Wellcome Trust is considering shortening the working week for its head office staff to boost productivity and introduce a better work-life balance (Wellcome Trust considers letting workers move to four-day week, 19 January). As a former BBC journalist, I can attest to the benefits of a four-day week – even though it was introduced in secret, and all of 47 years ago! BBC Radio Manchester was still in its infancy when the station manager…

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