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Teaching Bias Through Inference and Identity – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

I can’t remember the last week we had a full week of school. Between snow days, cold days, and now an ice day, I think it was December the last time I had the pleasure of being with our students for five days in a row. All of these days off have given me time to think, a luxury it seems within teaching, and in particular about how I can use the units my team had already planned to expand…

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Is School Really Safe for All? – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

I have been thinking a lot about belonging. About how we assume that school is seen as a safe place by all who experience it. How we assume that we are all doing enough to help these kids, these children whose lives don’t often mirror our own, these kids who someone, somewhere have made feel as if they do not belong. I have been thinking a lot about feeling seen. About how we assume that in our schools we do…

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Disrupting the Narrative in Small Ways – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

I had the chance to sit with a few of my brilliant colleagues this week to plan our upcoming units together. Count this as another reason of why I love working for Oregon School District; the chance to get a sub so that we can collaborate and actually have time together to share ideas, push our learning, and try to craft meaningful experiences. One thing that struck me among many was the careful selection of the types of materials we…

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