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30 Day Challenge For a Happier Teacher You – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

If you are like me, January brings excitement, positivity but also exhaustion.  This quiet month is one where I sometimes find my energy running low, my creativity running out, and rather than take the time to take care of myself I barrel on as if that will do the trick.  So this year, much like the years before, I am challenging myself to take better care of myself, as well as those around me. And so the 30-day challenge is back. A…

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Is School Really Safe for All? – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

I have been thinking a lot about belonging. About how we assume that school is seen as a safe place by all who experience it. How we assume that we are all doing enough to help these kids, these children whose lives don’t often mirror our own, these kids who someone, somewhere have made feel as if they do not belong. I have been thinking a lot about feeling seen. About how we assume that in our schools we do…

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Win A Copy of the Audio Version of Passionate Readers – Pernille Ripp – Education Article

Brand new cover, same great book (hopefully) Yesterday was a new milestone in my author life; my book, Passionate Readers, came out as an audiobook!    I shared the news with my students and they thought it was pretty cool as well.  It is certainly not every day that you get to see your name on Audible but then hear someone else speaking your words professionally. So in honor of this milestone moment for me, and in preparation for our…

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