A Principal’s Reflections: What Are Your Beliefs? – Education Article

A Principal’s Reflections: What Are Your Beliefs? What Are Your Beliefs? What do you believe in professionally? We all possess a particular set of beliefs that are shaped by our respective value system.   These impact our work and ultimately determine whether we are successful or not. Mark Lenz provides this great perspective: Beliefs. We all have them. They came from somewhere. They probably started forming in us as young children and have been strengthened through time. Or maybe they’ve changed…

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Meaningful Learning Begins and Ends with the Opportunities We Create – Education Article

Learning hasn’t really changed, but the conditions that impact and influence it has. In Learning Transformed my co-author Tom Murray and I detailed eight keys backed by research and evidence that can facilitate a transformation of practice that will result in improved outcomes and better experiences for kids.  For change to occur, it is essential to continually evaluate where we are at in the process to eventually get to where we want to be, and our learners need us to…

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