Free money wouldn’t make people lazy – but it could revolutionise work | Anna Dent | Opinion

The danger of so-called “free money” not only underpins critiques of universal basic income (UBI), but also the incredibly strong narratives that underlie the attitudes to work in the UK (and elsewhere) – and our unemployment benefit system. Paid employment is held up as one of the ultimate markers of being a valuable member of society, with those not in paid work (always described in these narratives as a voluntary position, rather than as the result of issues outside their…

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5 steps to successfully run a student-led tech team – Education Article

One-to-one device initiatives have exploded in popularity and have dramatically changed the classroom environment. Dedicated device access doesn’t just benefit students through improved educational outcomes, but also benefits districts by enabling innovation and providing a clear return on educational investment. IT teams, however, can struggle with the greatly increased burdens of managing fragmented device platforms, and the increased staffing that 1:1 initiatives often demand can limit funding for other important initiatives. In 2016, Lafayette (IN) Catholic School System was preparing…

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Why PTA is worth your time – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

For hardworking teachers, time is a precious commodity. We must use it wisely and be intentional about our priorities. It’s understandable that optional roles and events (especially weekend events) are often dismissed. But I strongly believe that being an active member of PTA is a beneficial investment of time. When I became Head of Year, I had to drop a few other responsibilities but I was adamant about maintaining my role in our PTA. I’m currently vice-treasurer (technically) but, more…

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