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7 Golden Rules Of LMS Promotion On Facebook – Education Article

LMS Promotion On Facebook: 7 Golden Rules To Follow When Facebook started, it was a purely social medium. We used it to connect with old friends and make new ones. We posted shareworthy personal pictures and liked each other’s updates. Today, Facebook is a marketing machine. Brands use it to reach customers, and some are more successful than others. Many brands have even abandoned their websites in favor of their Facebook pages. To an LMS company, this isn’t advisable, but…

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8 Unique Content Marketing Topics To Promote Your LMS Brand – Education Article

Content Marketing Topics: 8 Unique Ideas To Promote Your LMS Brand Content marketing helps build brand awareness and enhance your online reputation. Unfortunately, countless other LMS companies also know about these benefits and are using value-added content to strengthen their brand. As such, it may be difficult to find writing topics that haven’t already been covered countless times by your competitors. However, there are some ideas that are still fresh and ripe for the picking. Here are 8 creative and…

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7 Tips To Choose The Best Virtual Classroom LMS For Your Organization – Education Article

How To Choose The Best Virtual Classroom LMS For Your Organization There’s a reason why classrooms have survived for all these centuries. Structured learning guided by an expert is often more effective that self-taught lessons. Learners still get there eventually, but it’s usually harder and takes longer. Plus, without someone to direct the course, you may acquire the wrong technique even if you get the right results. Virtual classrooms allow learners to benefit from the expertise of the online instructor.…

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