Edublogs Explains How to Handle Student Blogs at the End of the Year – Education Article

The end of the school year will be here before too long. For many of you it’s only about six weeks away. If you and your students have been blogging along this year, you might be wondering what you should do with those blogs when the year ends. Do you leave them floundering in the Internet winds? Do you delete all of the posts? Do you password protect all of the content? Or should you download the content and turn…

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Let’s Stay in Touch! – Education Article

Since I’ve changed to the NEW dynamic Blogger template, finding the sidebar with the subscribe,  post archives, and other stuff, has become a little more trixy! So…..Here’s a graphic to help! If you would like an email, delivered right to your inbox, whenever I post a new content, please follow these directions. 1. Go to the “front page” of the blog.2. Scroll down the blog until the “hamburger” 3 lines appear.3. Click on it & you’re there! From here you…

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Teacher-Blogger Request 2019 | Could You Be a @TeacherToolkit Writer? – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Could you be the next blogger for Teacher Toolkit? Ross Morrison McGill started blogging in 2001, and through a mixture of life-changing events, started writing content on Teacher Toolkit almost 10 years ago over here on Blogger in 2010 (don’t laugh!); he soon moved over to WordPress in 2012 and coded the TT website as you see it today. After writing 1,000+ blogs Ross opened up Teacher Toolkit to other teachers in January 2017 and two years later, we have…

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