‘Politicians are messing with our future’: student leader Amatey Doku on fighting Brexit | Education

For a long time, young people were accused of being apathetic, and student activism was thought to be dead. That changed when student protests against the 2012 tuition fee rises took hold in campuses across the country. But according to Amatey Doku, vice-president for higher education at the National Union of Students, tuition fees were too inward-looking an issue to inspire a genuine student and youth-driven political movement. Instead, a unifying cause has finally arrived: the battle to stop Brexit.…

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Universities raise alarm over no-deal Brexit and EU student enrolment | Education

University leaders have said that a no-deal Brexit would constitute “one of the biggest threats” ever faced by the sector, as figures revealed a further decline in EU student enrolment, particularly in postgraduate research. According to the Russell Group of universities, there was a 9% decrease in the number of EU postgraduate research students enrolling at its institutions this academic year. The fall follows a 9% decline the previous year, and has potential consequences for Britain’s research capacity. Dr Hollie…

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Teachers to be helped to job share to prevent classroom exodus | Education

Teachers will be given more help to job share and a lighter workload in an attempt to prevent experienced staff from leaving the profession, the education secretary has said. Speaking to the Guardian before the launch of a new teacher recruitment and retention strategy next week, Damian Hinds argued that outdated attitudes among school leaders, especially men, may be holding back the adoption of practices such as flexible working. The national strategy, which Hinds said is the first of its…

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England’s schools face staffing crisis as EU teachers stay at home | Education – Education Article

The number of teachers from the EU wanting to work in England has slumped in the past year, with fears that Brexit will exacerbate staff shortages and hit language learning. Teachers from EU countries applying for the right to work in English schools fell by a quarter in a single year, according to official data. There were 3,525 people from member states awarded qualified teacher status (QTS) in 2017-18, which allows them to work in most state and special schools.…

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