Why Allowing Your Students To Talk Can Be An Effective Classroom Management Strategy – Education Article

It’s common to assume that allowing students to talk to whomever they want about whatever they want is a bad thing. That it wastes time. That it gets them off track. That it riles them up and causes misbehavior. But when you decide when and how it’s done, it’s nothing of the sort. In fact, giving students a few minutes to stand, stretch their legs, and chat with a friend can be an effective classroom management strategy. Here’s why: It…

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How To Handle Students Who Question Your Classroom Management – Education Article

“Why do we have to raise our hands?” “Why can’t we talk in the hallway?” “Why do we have to do it like that.” It can feel, depending on their tone of voice, disrespectful. It can feel as if they’re trying to put you on the spot. Or make you squirm. It can feel as if they’re challenging your very authority. So when a student questions the way you manage your classroom—most often in front of the class—it can be…

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