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What to do after Graduation? – – Education Article

So you’ve graduated, congratulations, now what do you do? Graduating from college for some can be a daunting reality. The crutches that have held you up during high school have suddenly disappeared and you’re on your own. What to do After You Graduate College If you are still awaiting your results, don’t worry, the reality is even if your ATAR isn’t what you expected many students find places at University. For those interested in the workforce, the world is your oyster,…

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Do you need an ATAR to get into TAFE? – – Education Article

An ATAR or Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank is not needed to get into TAFE. TAFE uses a different system to determine if you can apply or if you will be accepted into a course or not – This is called CAR or Course Admission Requirements. What do you need to get into TAFE? CSPA or Core Skills Profile for adults which is basically testing the levels of your literacy and numeracy skills, certain courses require a higher level CSPA for admission.…

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How to get a job with no experience? – – Education Article

One of the biggest achievements in my life thus far was in 2016, when I secured by first ever taste of employment. But I can’t say it was the easiest of tasks, as entering the workforce without any experience is challenging enough. How to get a job with no experience? With persistence, courage and effort, the journey to becoming employed became a whole lot easier. Even with no experience, what counts is all the hard work you put in to…

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Graduate entry medicine without GAMSAT – – Education Article

If you didn’t get the GAMSAT score you wanted, you’re not ALONE. The road to medicine is difficult and sometimes it can feel like your climbing a mountain without a peak. How to get into Medicine without a great GAMSAT Score? However, there’s still ways to use that GPA you worked so hard for, to get where you want to be. Several Universities consider university marks, school marks and apply appropriate adjustments when students are from rural or indigenous backgrounds…

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What should I study at Uni – – Education Article

How to choose what to study at Uni? You have been asked the same question since you were a child, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. Now, as you sit at your computer, staring at an intimidating number of University browser tabs, it sinks in. You have no idea what to study. How are you supposed to begin making this decision of what to study at Uni? It can be daunting, to say the least. After…

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Difference between college and university – – Education Article

So what’s the difference between college and university? To summarise, a college is a smaller institute as compared to university. There is also difference in number of students enrolled. Generally, universities have a greater number of students. Particularly in Australia, a university is a Higher Education provider and has to meet strict requirements to become a self-accrediting authority through the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) . There are currently 43 universities in Australia, that provide three main types…

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