Carol Dweck

The Most Powerful Word In Education – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes What’s the most powerful word you can use in the classroom? We have to choose our words very carefully but most of the time they just spill out spontaneously “without thinking”. But words can make or break a mindset so what we say matters. We all know that the three most powerful words are “I forgive you” or ” I love you”. No dispute. According to Peter Greene (2018), the seven most powerful words in education…

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Create a Growth Mindset School: An Administrator’s Guide – Education Article

Create a Growth Mindset School: An Administrator’s Guide to Leading a Growth Mindset CommunityBy Mary Cay Ricci(Prufrock Press, 2018 – Learn more) Reviewed by Amy Klein Carol Dweck’s Mindset was first published in 2006, but it wasn’t until a bunch of years after that I finally held a copy in my hands. I’d heard that this growth mindset thinking had gotten the attention of educators. Feeling a little behind the times, I read with interest. I’ll never forget skimming the…

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