Child Safety

Teaching Through Lockdown | gadflyonthewallblog – Education Article

    “Excuse the interruption. We are under a lockdown.”   That was it.   Not an explanation of what caused it.   Not any idea of how much danger we were in.   Not any idea of how long it would last.   Just a vague warning that teachers knew meant to keep all their students in class until further notice.   As an educator, you’re expected to teach.   It doesn’t matter what’s happening around you. There can…

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Children of the Gun: How Lax Firearm Legislation Affects My Students – Education Article

  Tanisha was just 6-years-old the first time she was in a shooting.   She was home in the kitchen looking for a cookie when she heard a “pop pop pop” sound.   Her mother rushed into the room and told her to get down.   Tanisha didn’t know what was happening.   “Hush, Baby,” her mom said wrapping the child in her arms and pulling her to the floor. “Someone’s out there shooting up the neighborhood.”   That was…

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The Holiday Season Brings Fear and Resentment for Many Students – Education Article

“I hate Christmas.”   Teachers hear that with surprising regularity around this time of year.   I hate Christmas. I hate Thanksgiving. I hate every holiday.   America’s public school students are living under tremendous pressure.   The social safety net is full of holes. And our children are left to fall through the ripped and torn fabric.   The sad fact is that one in four students in America’s classrooms have experienced a traumatic event.   So if your…

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