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Teaching News Literacy in Politically Polarized Times – Education Article

It is no longer news that the 2016 U.S. Presidential election revealed and exacerbated a political polarization that has been growing in and beyond the United States. The heated nature of modern news reporting and political discourse both reflects and feeds such polarization. It also presents significant challenges to teachers who hope to foster critical and reflective thinking. Polls and analysis from the Pew Research Center confirm the impression that American society has become strikingly politically polarized. This divide, which…

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An End to Civil Discourse: One Teacher’s Response to HB2002 – Education Article

Remember how I reminded us to trust, but verify?  HB20002 was the first education bill dropped this session.  It is a bill outlining a ban against teachers discussing any political issues, court cases, and/or current legislation in school. I don’t disagree with all aspects of the bill.  It prohibits teachers from “engaging in political, ideological or religious advocacy in their classrooms.”  The proposed code of ethics would also prohibit endorsing, supporting or opposing a political candidate.  These are not things…

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In the Heat of Learning, Good Questioning Is Powerful – Education Article

By Jackie A. Walsh In the heat of a game, coaches call time-outs to stop the action and provide feedback to players to enhance their future play. These pauses afford opportunities for coaches to reinforce positive performance, activate their players’ prior knowledge/skills, and assist team members in customizing what they know to fit a current situation. Time-outs also provide players an opportunity to stop, reflect, and identify gaps between what they have been doing and what they know how to…

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