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Rising trend of state school pupils going to university reverses | Education

The proportion of British state school pupils going to university has fallen for the first time in eight years, according to official figures, with the lowest-performing 15 UK institutions taking less than 70% of their first-year undergraduates from state schools. The data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency for the 2017-18 academic year showed that state-educated British students accounted for 89.8% of young entrants overall, below the previous year’s figure of 90%. For universities it marked the first reversal in…

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Britain’s private school problem: it’s time to talk | Education

The existence in Britain of a flourishing private-school sector not only limits the life chances of those who attend state schools but also damages society at large, and it should be possible to have a sustained and fully inclusive national conversation about the subject. Whether one has been privately educated, or has sent or is sending one’s children to private schools, or even if one teaches at a private school, there should be no barriers to taking part in that…

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Private pupils talk mockney to seem less posh: Harrow’s ex-head | Education

Former private school pupils often speak in a mockney accent in adulthood in an effort not to seem posh, the former head of Harrow has said. Many people who went to elite fee-paying schools do not want to seem upper-class because “being posh these days is not a good thing”, according to Barnaby Lenon. He made the comments following research into prep school language carried out by Graeme Davis, a professorial research fellow in humanities at the University of Buckingham.…

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