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Why Are We So Quick to Judge Our Students? – Education Article

I once had a student who missed numerous classes and assignments. Whenever I approached him about it, he would deny that he had missed anything. He’d insist that he had been present or handed in the assignment, and that I must have not seen him in class or lost his work. What really got under my skin was the accusatory tone of his denials, suggesting that he was a victim of my incompetence. Not surprisingly, this left me feeling anger…

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Creating Space for Difference and Dialogue – Education Article

We teach because we hope to inspire and prepare students for the future. We teach to invite transformation and enact lasting change. But how do we prepare students to step out of their comfort zones and have courageous conversations? How do we ask students to sit across the table from someone different from themselves and truly listen? Critical pedagogy suggests that every human has the ability to look critically at the world through dialogical encounters with others (Freire, 1970). According…

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