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15 Genius Lining-up Strategies to Make Your Life Easier – Education Article

Lining up shouldn’t be a stressful, painful, or lengthy process. Yet, we know it can be a struggle, so we did some digging to find some great lining-up strategies, tested and approved by teachers. Here are some of the best ideas for getting your students to line up quickly and quietly. We have a great video on this topic as well. Take a look:  1. Put a few kids in charge.  We love the idea from teacher Ody C. from…

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Why Every Classroom Needs Jigsaw Puzzles, Plus Our Top Picks – Education Article

Jigsaw puzzles are a common sight in PreK and early elementary classrooms. Little ones learn spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and basic concepts like shapes and letters using these puzzles. By late elementary, puzzles are usually relegated to a game shelf to be brought out during indoor recess, if at all. But jigsaw puzzles offer benefits for all ages, and teachers can use them in a variety of ways, some of which may surprise you.  Classroom Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles Older…

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Ways to Encourage Good Behavior, Without the Prizes or Treats – Education Article

Looking for creative ways to reward positive classroom behavior? So was primary teacher JL when she wrote in with this question: “In previous years I have rewarded my students with special recognition for positive classroom behavior. This year, however, my students are expressing a strong expectation to be given something tangible instead (treats and goodies). I want them to learn to do the right thing for the sake of being a quality person, not just for something in return. I…

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