Classroom Organization

I Marie Kondo-ed a Cluttered Classroom, and Here’s What Happened – Education Article

It seems as though almost everyone is decluttering and organizing their homes, thanks to Marie Kondo and her books and Netflix series about “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” For teachers and their students, the classroom is a ‘home away from home.’ And what classroom couldn’t use a little tidying up? But what teacher has the time or energy to follow Kondo’s mindful, systematic approach? To hold every book, every piece of paper and curriculum, and decide whether it “sparks…

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How to Increase Classroom Automation and Cut Back on Paperwork – Education Article

I’m not afraid to admit it—I used to be THAT teacher. The one where when you walked into her classroom, your immediate thought was, “How does learning take place in this room?” or “how can she find anything she needs?” What I needed was some organization. That’s when I got the idea of increasing classroom automation to make my life easier. Sounds kind of robotic or technical, right? Whatever you want to call it… it saved my sanity and my…

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