College and Career Readiness

Gen Z and the Skills Gap – Education Article

My oldest son, a junior at an elite university in California, went to a traditional college prep high school where he claims he was imminently prepared for post-secondary studies but did little to improve his chances of entering the workforce. My youngest son, a senior at New Technology High School in Napa, flips that script, saying he is imminently prepared for the workforce but worries constantly if he will be accepted into a good university. That sample size is too small to…

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The Tangled Web: The High School Diploma, College and Career Readiness Standards and Career and Technical Education – Top Performers – Education Article

A growing number of states are working toward setting standards for college and career readiness.  In many of those states, the argument is being made that because all students should leave high school ready for college or career, the high school diploma should be set to the new college and career standard, and no one should get a diploma in the future who does not meet that standard. At the same time, there is renewed interest in many states in…

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