Competency-Based Learning

How Formative Assessment Transforms the Classroom, From Culture to Lesson Plans – Education Article

By: Brea Lewis and Michelle Berkeley Using formative assessment requires a willingness to embrace change at all levels–from guiding mindsets, philosophies and classroom culture, to daily schedules and lessons plans. Brea Lewis, third- and fourth-grade math teacher at Ben Milam Elementary, recently confirmed this idea when she reflected that through the incorporation of formative assessment practices, “our lesson cycles have changed significantly.” We explored just what those changes look and feel like in her classroom since transitioning to formative assessment.…

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Getting Students to Take Control – Education Article

When considering the future of work, it is important to consider what still needs to be done to prepare future generations. It is not a secret that everyone learns differently. In a world that is constantly changing—that is one thing that won’t. As EdReimaginged noted in their report, A transformational vision for education in the U.S., “the current system was designed in a different era and structured for a different society.” So why is it taking so long to adjust…

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