Continuing professional development

The 7 Characteristics Of Effective Professional Development – Education Article

Reading Time: 5 minutes What should we look for in CPD? External CPD is not supposed to be like Deliveroo but sometimes it goes that way. You look at a menu, choose what you want and someone pedals over what they’ve got and you consume it. Sometimes it can feel like it’s off the back of a lorry and more DPD than CPD. But CPD is too expensive and too precious to mess about with. This isn’t fast-food out of a thermal…

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Podcast 37: Why Did Northern Rocks Have To End? – Education Article

Podcast 37: Why Did Northern Rocks Have To End? | TeacherToolkit Reading Time: 1 minute What’s next after Northern Rocks? Our 23rd interviewee in the 100 Women Series is Debra Kidd, teacher trainer, writer and founder of Northern Rocks. Debra is a “travelling teacher”, going into classrooms and helping teachers develop CPD. In… This is only a snippet of…

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