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When And Why You Need A White Label LMS – Education Article

How To Know When The Benefits Of White Labeling Apply To You The benefits of white labeling are, well, many! There’s no arguing there. But before we jump into the when and why, let’s unpack the what. You know, what does “white label” actually mean? Put simply, software that’s developed by one company, but sold or delivered to end users under another company’s brand, is white labeled. White label training software has become quite a trend among companies. And for…

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5 Common Misconceptions About LMS For SMBs – Education Article

LMS For SMBs: 5 Common Misconceptions To Reconsider Running a small or midsize business usually means you have to work with limited resources. For this reason, employees may have to take on one or more roles that are not in their area of expertise. Due to budget constraints, some SMBs also fail to train these valuable staff members, leading to professional stagnation. However, online training can give you the opportunity to focus on employee growth without breaking the bank. An…

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Free eBook – eLearning Industry LMS Report: Most Valuable LMS Features – Education Article

eLearning Industry LMS Report: Most Valuable LMS Features As the LMS industry steadily grows, each Learning Management System’s features offer more than what the average customer asks for. Knowing which of these features have heavier demand among a certain audience in every case is a great marketing asset. When this survey report steps on stage, it shines like a beacon in this ever-changing landscape – a research with strong methodology foundations and a big and multi-layered sample that… This is…

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