Course Design

From Summiting Bloom’s to Promoting Lifelong Learning – Education Article

Bloom’s Taxonomy has long been regarded as the holy grail in leading students through a process of content mastery. The traditional journey begins with imparting information to learners and finds its apex in enabling learners to evaluate and assess knowledge claims. In theory, each step of the journey to mastery builds on prior steps. Bloom’s model is dominant in education circles. Adherence to its features often goes unquestioned during the process of course design. The model also dates back to…

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Designing Courses for a Complex World (an Excerpt) – Education Article

When we in the academy state that we desire our students to be whole, I believe we mean that we want them to leave college capable of achieving their full human potential to shape and reshape the world—and themselves. Indeed, I would go further and say this is our sole hope for our students: We want them to enter the world knowing they have the ability to participate in thoughtful and constructive ways. To hope for anything less would be,…

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Seven Ways to Make Your Syllabus More Relevant – Education Article

Can a syllabus get students excited for your course? What will keep students coming back to it? These seven design elements can help students get the most out of your syllabus, prepare them for the course, and focus the class on the learning goals ahead. My Engaging Syllabus Design: Example illustrates all of these design elements. 1. Write an introductory message with a personable explanation of the syllabus’ layout. An official welcome to the course can be your “pitch” for the…

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