Curtis Chandler

How We Can Fix Faulty Background Knowledge – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog Getting it Wrong I am notorious in my family for singing the wrong words to songs. I have four boys who love to have music playing in the house, featuring catchy tunes and lyrics I don’t quite understand. I never let that stop me from singing along, though. When I can’t tell what people are saying, I simply ‘fill-in-the-blank,’ or invent words and phrases that seem to make sense. This drives my kids crazy. They are constantly…

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How We Can Help Our Students Remember More – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog The Frustration of Forgetting Few things are more frustrating for students (and their teachers) than having a concept or skill that has already been learned ‘’leak out the brain” and disappear mysteriously into thin air. As educators, we do our best to make things ‘sticky’ by piquing students’ interests, communicating clear learning goals, building on background knowledge, fostering and maintaining engagement, cultivating discussion, modeling and scaffolding challenging tasks, providing feedback, differentiating instruction, etc., etc. Why, then, do…

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