Cyber Safety Awareness and Prevention

Why it is Vital That we Teach Cybersecurity in Our Schools – Education Article

Kids today start using the Internet from an early age. About 80% of children have access to a computer at home. By the time they’re in their teens, many of them have their own smartphones or laptops. If they aren’t careful how they use them, they face significant risks of giving up personal information and access to their online lives, or letting malware onto their devices which can lead to the same problems. Online safety requires good habits No one is…

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Prepare Your Students to Recognize Disinformation With the “Bad News” Game – Education Article

Game Hopes to Inoculate Kids Against Disinformation as They Build Their Own Fake News Empire As much of a fan as I am of the many wonderful things the Internet and World Wide Web have made possible, I am equally disheartened by the various downsides of this invasive digital realm. Cyber attacks, malware, misinformation, astroturfing, cyber bullying, social media driven anxiety and depression, and so on. This stuff bums me out. Sometimes when I get frustrated with the bad stuff,…

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Social Media is Increasing Anxiety, Depression, Especially in Teen Girls. We Need to Talk About it. – Education Article

Educators should be aware of the mental health challenges that more and more of our young students are dealing with. There is a growing body of evidence indicating that the smartphone and similar devices, and the social media use that they support, are having bad effects on our kids, who have become pretty much dependent on them over the last decade. While rates of depression and other indicators of mental health have been worsening for both boys and girls, there appears…

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