8 ways to reduce device damage in 1:1 programs – Education Article

As a technology user, I have over the years: Dropped and broken my phone’s screen Spilled liquid on my laptop’s keyboard, frying the motherboard Pulled the cord out a device, breaking off the connection Pushed a monitor off my desk onto the floor Left my computer bag on top of my car’s roof, and driven off These acts were, believe me, unintentional. The costs of these mistakes wound up coming out of my own pocket. So I have a degree…

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Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: Back To Basics: Device Tips For #BackToSchool – Education Article

When I was a Director of Instructional Technology it was always a fun day when we could deliver brand new devices to a school. The students and teachers were always excited and ready for the new possibilities ahead. Then after a few weeks frustration would set it. Students would loose work, teachers had to spend hours trying to figure out which document belonged to whom and we’d see lots of devices in the shop for repair. The focus on our…

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