Digital Learning

Strategies for Tackling Digital Equity – Education Article

Recent studies from The Pew Research Center, the Schools, Health, and Libraries Coalition, and even Microsoft indicate that a digital divide continues to persist across the country. Though often viewed at a macro level as discrepancies in access between urban and rural communities, news articles from cities ranging from Chattanooga, Tennessee to San Jose, California report lack of sufficient access to high-speed Internet and devices within cities and towns. As early as the late 90s, researchers like Paul Atwell began using the term digital…

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Using eTexts enhances the learning experience – Education Article

As I stepped into my first college math class, I was terrified. My professor looked mean, the class had a 500-page textbook, and I was completely overwhelmed. On top of that, I couldn’t believe how much my book and access code were! Would every class be this expensive? Thankfully, an upperclassman quickly gave me the advice of buying the eText instead to lighten the load on my wallet and backpack. I decided I had nothing to lose, so I purchased…

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Massive Online Courses Find A New Audience With Continuing Medical Education – Education Article

Applications are surging for New York University’s School of Medicine after the university announced last year that its medical program would be tuition-free for all students. But NYU isn’t the only school trying to offer free medical training. Dozens of colleges and universities are taking courses in healthcare and medicine online—and making them free or low-cost—with massive online course platforms. Coursera, a company that hosts massive online courses and degrees, is the latest entrant among a growing number of online…

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