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6 things to prepare teachers for Digital Learning Day – Education Article

Digital learning plays an integral part in helping students build the skills they need for academic and personal success. In fact, it’s so important that it has its own day, and this year, Digital Learning Day is on February 28. Digital Learning Day celebrates educators who create and implement strong instructional practices that use technology and tech tools to connect students with meaningful learning experiences. The focus isn’t on edtech for edtech’s sake, but instead looks at all the tools…

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10 findings about K-12 digital learning – Education Article

Digital learning itself is expanding in schools, but access to classroom and home technology still remains a major obstacle, according to a new study from Schoology. The State of Digital Learning report is based on responses from more than 9,200 education professionals and covers challenges, priorities, and student achievement as they relate to digital learning and edtech tools. The study yields significant findings regarding challenges and priorities, the role and impact of technology, digital citizenship and emerging edtech trends, and professional…

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Educators Share How Video Games Can Help Kids Build SEL Skills – Education Article

Paul Darvasi is teaching his 12th graders that if there’s something about themselves they don’t like, they have the power to change it. To do so, he’s using a video game called “What Remains of Edith Finch,” projecting it on a screen while students take turns playing. In the game, players get to know the main character, Edith, as she returns to her empty family home to figure out what happened to her relatives. Darvasi, who teaches at Royal St.…

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How Colleges Can Support Faculty New to Teaching Online #DLNchat – Education Article

“Online teaching is the joy, fun, and magic of bringing teaching and learning into the online environment,” Karen Costa tweeted last Tuesday, January 8, kicking off the #DLNchat. Many may agree with Costa, but for faculty who have spent their academic careers teaching face-to-face, the shift to online instruction can be daunting. So last week, the #DLNchat community shared ideas about how to best support instructors making the transition to the online classroom. Hello #dlnchat. Online teaching is the joy,…

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Massive Online Courses Find A New Audience With Continuing Medical Education – Education Article

Applications are surging for New York University’s School of Medicine after the university announced last year that its medical program would be tuition-free for all students. But NYU isn’t the only school trying to offer free medical training. Dozens of colleges and universities are taking courses in healthcare and medicine online—and making them free or low-cost—with massive online course platforms. Coursera, a company that hosts massive online courses and degrees, is the latest entrant among a growing number of online…

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