7 Simple Steps for a Digital Detox – Education Article

(This is the full original version of the article I wrote for NEA Today Magazine – So, if your quote or mention doesn’t make the mag or their webpage, you know it wasn’t me! LOL) Do you sleep with the phone next to your bed? Or worse, on or under your pillow with it pinging or vibrating with every text, Tweet, or notification?  Do you feel insecure if your device isn’t nearby or on your person?  If you say yes, to any…

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Going Digital Is About More Than Just Devices… – Education Article

Going digital has truly made our world smaller. From the desks in our classrooms we can travel to far off places and talk to friends via Skype or share thoughts through blogs or experience historic sites like never before with virtual reality. We can code new apps or design new objects on 3D printers. The digital tools we have available to us for both teaching and learning is (and will continue to have) dramatic effects on both. And there is…

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Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Education Article

The predominant technologies of a culture change literacy. When our society was primarily a print reading culture, reading and writing texts were appropriately the main activities of students in schools working on developing literacy skills. As our society has become increasingly dominated by multimedia, the imperative grows stronger to formally change the predominant literacy development activities in our classrooms. Today, students should be regularly communicating both inside and outside the classroom with multimedia. Teachers need to be fluent multimedia communicators…

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