‘Short Hair’, Suggests Some Don’t Care! – Education Article

Reading Time: 2 minutes Is it time for schools to ‘get real’ with some of their rules? Being a man with a shaved head, as a school leader, I would have found it very difficult to exclude a child for having shaved hair. Worse? For excluding a child and claiming that “a hairstyle will detract from learning” – is highly dubious and a poor proxy. Dodgy school policy? Schools with archaic uniform policies need to get real. Of course, there…

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Creating Identity-Safe Classrooms | TeacherToolkit – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is your classroom identity safe? Identity-safe classrooms are warm ecosystems in which teachers endeavour to ensure that all children feel that their social identity is an asset rather than a barrier to success. Children feel welcomed, supported and valued whoever they are and whatever their background. Teachers want the best for pupils and seek to be fair and aim to create strong culturally competent classroom communities. We might all think that we respectfully acknowledge each and every individual. We might also…

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