6 things to prepare teachers for Digital Learning Day – Education Article

Digital learning plays an integral part in helping students build the skills they need for academic and personal success. In fact, it’s so important that it has its own day, and this year, Digital Learning Day is on February 28. Digital Learning Day celebrates educators who create and implement strong instructional practices that use technology and tech tools to connect students with meaningful learning experiences. The focus isn’t on edtech for edtech’s sake, but instead looks at all the tools…

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5 steps to successfully run a student-led tech team – Education Article

One-to-one device initiatives have exploded in popularity and have dramatically changed the classroom environment. Dedicated device access doesn’t just benefit students through improved educational outcomes, but also benefits districts by enabling innovation and providing a clear return on educational investment. IT teams, however, can struggle with the greatly increased burdens of managing fragmented device platforms, and the increased staffing that 1:1 initiatives often demand can limit funding for other important initiatives. In 2016, Lafayette (IN) Catholic School System was preparing…

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Create a Growth Mindset School: An Administrator’s Guide – Education Article

Create a Growth Mindset School: An Administrator’s Guide to Leading a Growth Mindset CommunityBy Mary Cay Ricci(Prufrock Press, 2018 – Learn more) Reviewed by Amy Klein Carol Dweck’s Mindset was first published in 2006, but it wasn’t until a bunch of years after that I finally held a copy in my hands. I’d heard that this growth mindset thinking had gotten the attention of educators. Feeling a little behind the times, I read with interest. I’ll never forget skimming the…

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