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Canvas Adds Assessment Tools, Wants to Help End The Big Test – Education Article

Two years ago Educause laid out a vision for Next Generation Digital Learning Environment– a step beyond a learning management system (LMS) with expanded personalization, collaboration, interoperability, and analytics. In the last few months, Instructure, the publicly-traded Salt Lake City learning platform company, acquired companies moving it closer to the next-gen vision. They provide Canvas for education and Bridge for business. In February, Instructure acquired San Diego based e-portfolio partner company Portfolium. For almost five million students and 3,600 postsecondary institutions, Portfolium has…

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Design Thinking, or What an English Teacher Learned From Working With Web Developers – Education Article

Where I’ve Been Often it’s not until you’re pulled out of your comfort zone that you see just how limiting that comfort zone can be. As a middle and high school English teacher, I worked in what I think were fairly typical ways–I’d gather periodically with other English teachers to plan vertically and then more regularly with teachers on my grade level team. I planned most of my daily lessons alone, with the occasional experience of teaching the same grade…

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