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They Give Me Hope – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

It took a lot for me to get started on this piece. I wouldn’t say it is writer’s block; it is more that I am just so bored of myself. Homework reform, relationships, student voice, being mindful, be nice…blah blah blah. I certainly believe in all of the aforementioned topics; to me, they are the DNA behind any successful school. It is just that I am tired of my own “voice”. How many times can you say the same things?…

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The Kids Are The Standards – The Teacher And The Admin – Education Article

We simply are not doing enough. It’s that plain and it certainly is that simple. We talk about meeting standards. New revisions come out; we push more. We read the rhetoric in the news about kids falling behind or how the I-Generation is lost in a paralysis of screen time and self absorption. The standards are high and if we want to get them into the right colleges, make them tough enough, and make them have the skills that we…

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