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Making Math Fun, Accessible, and Real-World Based – Education Article

Many students dread working with math and have trouble finding the fun in it. As a self-professed “math nerd,” I’m here to tell you that mathematics can be incredibly rewarding and fun when it’s done right! Whether you’re a parent who wants to help a young child find joy in learning or a college student who wants to find a job in the STEM field after graduation, there are many ways you can utilize fun and approachable tactics to take…

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Principles and Popular Structures for Gamification – Education Article

Image Source Gamification is a popular buzzword now. People across the globe are using this technique for various purposes – increasing sales, getting attention and so on. It can be used in education and educational technologies as well. Here are some helpful concepts and tips. What is Gamification? Gamification means using game elements on non-game contexts like marketing and businesses or education. It has been used for decades but has taken off recently as one of the favorite tools people…

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Prepare Your Students to Recognize Disinformation With the “Bad News” Game – Education Article

Game Hopes to Inoculate Kids Against Disinformation as They Build Their Own Fake News Empire As much of a fan as I am of the many wonderful things the Internet and World Wide Web have made possible, I am equally disheartened by the various downsides of this invasive digital realm. Cyber attacks, malware, misinformation, astroturfing, cyber bullying, social media driven anxiety and depression, and so on. This stuff bums me out. Sometimes when I get frustrated with the bad stuff,…

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