How Stories, More Than Facts, Shape the Possibilities for Education Reform – Top Performers – Education Article

Many educators think that young people’s understanding of the world is built by enabling them to accumulate a growing pile of important facts.  But communications experts have long known that stories trump facts every time.  Stories are explanations of how the world works.  The most effective stories are those that connect to our emotions.  Once a person embraces such a story, that person tends to embrace facts that fit the story and reject facts that don’t.  This truth explains a…

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Arne Duncan’s Take on School Reform: Read It! – Top Performers – Education Article

How can you not like this man and admire him? He comes across on every page as smart, honest, decent, articulate, knowledgeable, humble and deeply caring.  Who could wish for a better advocate for the children many of our schools are failing every day or for a country whose schools are falling further and further behind those in other industrialized countries?  The contrast between this man and the callous, ignorant ideologue who is now the U.S. Secretary of Education could…

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